3. October 2023

• The P2E market has declined significantly due to a lack of focus on creating mechanics that attract and retain players and diverse and functional revenue streams.
• Web 2 casual gaming has seen a significant increase in the same time period, due to its engaging gameplay and well-established, functioning project revenue streams.
• Red Pill Company’s newest project ScapesMania is a hybrid-casual approach that sidesteps the issues of the dying P2E market by focusing on gameplay and functioning project revenue streams.

Decline of P2E Market

The P2E market as we know it has died due to an inherent issue with its model – not enough focus has been put on creating mechanics that attract and retain players and diverse and functional revenue streams. As a result, token prices and user bases are plummeting, leading to no longer functioning revenue streams for such projects.

Growth of Web 2 Casual Gaming

In contrast, there has been a notable increase in the casual Web2 gaming market in the same time period. This is largely attributed to its fantastic and engaging gameplay, as well as well-established and functioning project revenue streams that allow these projects to prosper.

Red Pill Company’s ScapesMania

Red Pill Company’s newest game ScapesMania is designed with both mass audiences of web 2 casual gamers and web 3 users in mind. It aims to capture some of the growing casual gaming market by sidestepping the difficulty of fluctuating markets with engaging mechanics, colourful art style, token holder influence via DAO Governance decisions regarding future development directions, rewards for loyal players, as well as benefiting from NFT technologies such as advanced marketplace capabilities for users to trade items or monetize their creations.

What Makes ScapesMania Different?

ScapesMania takes all the best elements from both the casual gaming world (stable revenues, engaging mechanisms) while also taking advantage of NFTs (advanced marketplace capabilities). This makes it different from other classic P2E projects which have become defunct due to lack of focus on creating sustainable project revenue stream or engagement with users.


ScapesMania provides an excellent opportunity for developers looking to make money through games without having to worry about unstable markets or non-existent revenue streams; rather they can focus on providing an enjoyable experience for players while at the same time monetizing their work through innovative NFT technologies.