3. October 2023

• River Financial Inc. has partnered with Bitcoin Magazine to provide users with the ability to sign up with River and purchase bitcoin through the Bitcoin Magazine App.
• This new partnership provides the on-ramp for millions of people to not only buy Bitcoin but also earn it by learning.
• The Lightning Network has been gaining traction as a fast and cheap way to transfer Bitcoin, and this partnership between River Financial and Bitcoin Magazine is another example of how it can benefit users.

River Financial Partners With Bitcoin Magazine

River Financial Inc., a technology company focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency, has partnered with Bitcoin Magazine to enable users to purchase bitcoin through the magazine’s app. Users can now take advantage of the Lightning Network, which makes the process of buying bitcoin faster than ever before.

Benefits Of The Partnership

This new partnership provides an accessible on-ramp for people who are interested in buying or earning bitcoin. Through reading articles on the app, users can earn free sats that they can then withdraw to their wallet of choice, either at River or elsewhere. Additionally, purchases made via River will be secure and efficient thanks to its commitment to cultivating a more fair financial system within the crypto industry.

Adoption Of The Lightning Network

As more companies begin using the Lightning Network, its adoption rate continues to grow due to its speed and low cost for transferring funds in Bitcoin. This partnership between River Financial and Bitcoin Magazine serves as another example of how individuals can benefit from using this payment protocol when purchasing or earning cryptocurrency.

Educating Users On Cryptocurrency

The focus of this collaboration is educating individuals about cryptocurrency while providing them with a secure means of investing in digital assets. Whether they choose to purchase bitcoin through River or earn it by reading articles on the app, both partners are dedicated towards creating a fairer financial system within crypto markets worldwide.


This recent integration between River Financial and Bitcoin Magazine gives users access to an easier way of purchasing or earning bitcoin through their respective platforms. By enabling access to quicker transactions through Lightning Network payments as well as educating individuals about investing in digital assets, this new partnership aims towards building a better future for crypto markets everywhere.