3. October 2023

• Matrixport forecasts Bitcoin to reach $125,000 by 2024.
• InQubeta is experiencing a surge in its presale for QUBE tokens.
• InQubeta offers fractional investment opportunities through QUBE tokens for AI startups.

Matrixport Predicts Bullish Future for Bitcoin

Matrixport, a cryptocurrency services provider, has made a bullish forecast for Bitcoin (BTC), expecting it to rally to a staggering $125,000 by the end of 2024. This optimistic prediction is based on historical data that suggests a bull market follows the confirmation of the end of a bear market, which occurs when Bitcoin reaches a 12-month high after a year of decline. The recent surge in Bitcoin’s price above $31,000 marked this significant milestone, indicating the potential for a new crypto bull market. According to Markus Thielen, head of research and strategy at Matrixport, past patterns suggest prices could surge by 123% over twelve months and 310% over eighteen months resulting in prices of $65,539 within one year and $125,731 within eighteen months.

InQubeta Offers Fractional Investment Opportunities Through QUBE Tokens

InQubeta is experiencing remarkable growth with its presale for QUBE tokens as it aims to transform the way AI startups raise funds and engage with their community by offering fractional investment opportunities using QUBE tokens. The platform leverages blockchain tech and smart contracts to provide a transparent and secure investment process while also featuring an NFT marketplace where AI startups can raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs to attract investors. This unique ecosystem benefits both parties involved as QUBE tokens present an attractive investment opportunity with projected 25x growth in 2023.

Promising Opportunities Created By Both Developments

The concurrent developments of Matrixport forecasting Bitcoin’s future trajectory and InQubeta’s promising potential reflect growing confidence in cryptocurrency investments as well as AI startup investments through InQubeta’s platform respectively. These opportunities create ample room for investors who are looking towards these markets hoping for higher returns on their investments in the near future.

Risk Factors Involved

Although there are numerous benefits associated with investing in cryptocurrencies or applying fractional ownership models such as those offered by InQubeta’s platform – there are also risks involved due to volatility factors inherent in both markets making them unpredictable at times despite indicators suggesting otherwise. Thus investors should always do thorough research prior to investing their hard-earned money into any asset class or project whether related to cryptocurrency or AI startups via platforms like InQubeta’s so they can be well informed about what they are getting into before taking any actionable steps towards investing their capital into such projects.


Cryptocurrency investments have been gaining traction more than ever before due to various reasons including the increasing trust from institutional investors while fractional ownership models presented by platforms such as InQubetas offer great opportunities for retail investors wanting access into these markets without having too much capital upfront. Both developments present promising prospects but it is important that investors understand all risks involved before taking any actionable steps towards investing their capital into either type of venture so they can maximize returns while minimizing risks posed upon them by volatile markets such as these two mentioned here today